Jerzy Skolimowski. The Cinema of a Nonconformist


Jerzy Skolimowski. The Cinema of a Nonconformist


Ewa Mazierska


Berghahn Books Ltd.


New York – Oxford 2010

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JERZY SKOLIMOWSKI, one of the most original Polish directors and one of only a handful who have gained genuine recognition abroad, is the subject of this volume: the first monograph in English devoted to his cinema. It covers Skolimowski's career from his early successes i Poland, such as Identificattons Marks: None an Barrier, through his 6migrć films, Deep End, The Moonlighting and The Lightship, to his return to Poland, where he recently made Four Nights wi Anna, which became an international success.

Ewa Mazierska addresses the main features of Skolimowski's films, such as their affinity to autobiographism and surrealism, while discussing their characters, narratives, visual style, soundtracks and the uses of literature. She draws on a wide range of cinematic and literary texts, situating Skolimowski's work within the context of Polish and world cinema, and drawin parallels between his work and that of two older directors, with whom he tend to be compared, Roman Polański and Jean-Luc Godard.

The book will be useful to students of Skolimowski's films, and of interest to scholars of Polish, European, and transnational cinema.

EWA MAZIERSKA is Professor of Contemporary Cinema, School of Journalism Media and Communication, University of Central Lancashire. Her publications include Masculinities in Polish, Czech and Slovak Cinema (Berghahn, 2008), Roman Polanski: The Cinema of a Cultural Traveller (I.B. Tauris, 2007), with Elżbieta Ostrowska, Women in Polish Cinema (Berghahn, 2006). She also co-edited Relocating Britishness (MUP, 2004).

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Acknowledgements ix

Introduction: Outsider, Nonconformist, a Man In-between   1

From Participant to Observer: Autobiographical Discourse in the Films of Jerzy Skolimowski   11

About a Boy: Characters, Narratives and Ideologies in Skolimowski's Films   31

Between Realism and Non-realism: The Artistic Context of Skolimowski's Films and their Main Visual Motifs   71

In the Land of Hamlets and Don Quixotes: Skolimowski's Encounters with Literature   107

'I Don't Like Obvious Film Scores': Music and Other Sounds in Skolimowski's Films   147

Conclusions   171

Biographical Note   175

Filmography   177

Bibliography   197

Index   205